@00:37 yoopoomo: i like this place but its me or the site dont have a lot videos?

@10:24 stypana: If you dont find many videos what do you like here? XD

@02:43 typpusa: yo nemopsp whats up bro

@02:43 typpusa: long time no chat

@02:52 nemopsp: Long time. Just checking on here to see what’s up

@02:54 nemopsp: Anyone playing PS4 or PS5?

@19:35 tacoobo: Hi

@16:53 woocurthy: hiop[]

@01:03 tikeme: ¿Hola?

@20:47 wypperty: Hola a todos

@20:47 wypperty: Año 2021

@20:47 wypperty: Hello everybody

@20:47 wypperty: Year 2021

@10:43 tokoorthy: Hi

@00:17 ticinoon: Sup

@00:17 ticinoon: Sup

@00:17 ticinoon: Sup

@00:17 ticinoon: Sup

@00:17 ticinoon: Sup

@00:18 ticinoon: Nigg3rs