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 Title:9.0 earthquake in Shibuya Tokyo on March 11 2011

 Description:EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: footage of the March 11th 2011 9.0 earthquake in Shibuya, Tokyo, the start of two weeks of a tsunami, severe aftershocks every night, food and water shortages, rolling blackouts and a nuclear crisis with a threat level that of Chernobyl

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 Title:Robot gracioso

 Description:Graphispag 2011 Barcelona Un robot muy gracioso, se mov?a muy fluidamente, llevaba c?mara, micr?fono y altavoz e interactuaba con la gente. Nos pedia hacernos una foto con el y darle besos de tornillo xD os subir? un video para ver lo gracioso que era la voz del hombre. "Ves, al f...

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 Title:David Guetta at the Borgata

 Description:After Beerfest in Atlantic City was the David Guetta Concert After Beerfest in Atlantic City was the David Guetta Concert

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 Title:City Plans 2011

 Description:Some of the plans I made for this year, with a new very big train station, and a brandnew space launch center. Not featured in this video is the new harbour but that one will also be bought this year

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 Title:Earth song - Michael Jackson - 1996

 Description:Bela musica do M. Jackson,bem significativa e atualissima. Bem pertinente ? CF 2011

 Tags:earthsong, song, earth, cf2011

 Title:WrestleMania 27 Part 4

 Description:Title says it all.

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