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 Title:Bleach - Vizards Ultimate Fight

 Description:Here is my new Youtube chanel :

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 Tags:itachi, Sasuke, amv, naruto, anime, watch movies online

 Title:AMV-Bleach-Just Lose It-Eminem

 Description:Anime Music Video Anime: Bleach Song: Just Lose It by Eminem I do not take any ownership of the song or anime seires, the content in the video has only been edited by me

 Tags:amv anime eminem funny, anime videos, anime video

 Title:Bleach AMV: Requiem for a dream

 Description:Awesome music, very original idea for a bleach amv, check it out!

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 Title:Naruto AMV Speed Fighting!!!!!

 Description:Naruto AMV Speed Fighting!!!!!.Song is Breaking Me Down by Soil.

 Tags:naruto, amv, breaking me down, soil, music video, watch movies online

 Title:Naruto vs. Sasuke Faint (Justin Lassen Remix) Linkin Park

 Description:My first amv. Song - Faint by linkin park (justin lassen remix) anime - naruto (episode 133)

 Tags:faint, linkin park, naruto, Sasuke, amv, remix