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 Title:Donde Estan Perros-Cartel de Santa Ana

 Description:cartel de santa ana

 Tags:santa ana, California, donde estan perros, watch movies online

 Title:StarCraft ghost costumes and a massive crowd for the #BlizzCon opening ceremony

 Description: Posted via email from Tech Snaps :: Glenn Batuyong

 Tags:blizzcon, anaheim, california, conventioncenter, blizzard, diablo


 Description:2010 Jamul's Hot Roddin' Chili Cook-off and Car Show at Simpson's Garden Nursery

 Tags:2010, jamul, california, hot, roddin, chili

 Title:Neighborhood Fighting Dogs

 Description:That's Scarface on the right. Not sure of the name of the one on the left. I think they are a breeding pair, so we'll have pitbull puppies and the parents going nuts all night long in a few months.

 Tags:dogs, pitbulls, oakland, california, 2008


 Description:Westridge to Portola Valley Bring Me To Life - Evanescence

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 Title:Star Wars Birthday Card 2009

 Description:The title says it all. I love Star Wars!

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