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 Title:Blink 182 - Ass Tent from harv666

 Description:A commercial for Blink 182's album Take Off Your Pants and Jacket

 Tags:Blink 182, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, commerical, parody, spoof, comedy

 Title:Don't Call Me Dick - Episode 4 - Kanye vs 50 cent from Don't Call Me Dick!

 Description:So i heard that 50 cent was calling Kanye out on his VMA stunt. Check out this insider video to see what happened off camera.

 Tags:Kanye, 50 Cent, VMA, fight, funny, comedy

 Title:La Familia Peluche (En Busca De La Sirvienta)

 Description:Segundo Episodio Divertido De La Miniserie De Television"La Familia Peluche" Se Trata Que FEDERICA Quiere Que LUDOVICO Contrate Sirvienta Pa' Que La Ayude En Casa,Este Programa Es De Doble Sentidos!!!

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 Title:White & Nerdy - HD

 Description:Music video from "Weird Al" Yankovic's album "Straight Outta Lynwood - directed by Al Yankovic...

 Tags:White, Nerdy, Weird, Yankovic, Chamillionaire, comedy

 Title:Beetlejuice at the airport

 Description: Howard Stern Show's Beetlejuice, Luke Hadley and Dominic. DVLH "Beetlejuice" on The Howard Stern...

 Tags:Jackass, comedy, skit, mtv, wrestling, stunts

 Title:Joaquin Reyes - Soy Imbecil 2004

 Description:Monólogo Paramount Comedy de Joaquin Reyes....

 Tags:joaquin, reyes, paramount, comedy,, cyr4k