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 Title:Jay-Z Run This Town Parody from Alphacat

 Description:How many dances can you point out in this song?! :) If you're really good then tell me where the dance came from! :) *Random fact I was a professional dancer for a long time before I focused more on acting. SO this vid was fun for me. Also... Follow me on Twitter!

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 Title:Joe Budden - Stuck in The Moment


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 Title:Gay Fish Music Video - By Kanye West and South Park from capprods

 Description:Do you like fish sticks? So you like putting fish sticks in your mouth? What are you, a gay fish?

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 Title:Don't Call Me Dick - Episode 4 - Kanye vs 50 cent from Don't Call Me Dick!

 Description:So i heard that 50 cent was calling Kanye out on his VMA stunt. Check out this insider video to see what happened off camera.

 Tags:Kanye, 50 Cent, VMA, fight, funny, comedy

 Title:Kanye West - POWER

 Description:Clip de "Power", extrait du prochain album de Kanye West...

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 Title:Pitbull - Rain Over Me ft. Marc Anthony (Official Music Video) [HD]

 Description:Visit for the latest Urban Music & Video's - No Copyright Infringement Intended!...

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