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 Title:Redroche Vs Armstrong - Make Your Move

 Description:Buy Single Here: "Baby Make Your Move, Step Across the line, Touch me one more time, COME ON DARE ME!" The lyrics we all remember, sang along with and came to love almost a decade ago has been brought back by the gents behind the Eyezcream Recordings imprint tha...

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 Title:Avril Lavigne

 Description:Avril Lavigne is signing an autograph

 Tags:avril, lavigne, music, singing, video, davidlettermanshow

 Title:blink-182 8/25/09

 Description:Part of "Not Now"

 Tags:weezer, blink182, jonesbeach, concert, live, music

 Title:blink-182 8/25/09

 Description:Part of "Obvious"

 Tags:weezer, blink182, jonesbeach, concert, live, music

 Title:Zo? - No me destruyas

 Description:Mexican rock band Zo? performing at Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles. ----- La banda de rock Mexicana Zo? actuando en el Club Nokia de el centro de Los Angeles

 Tags:zo%C3%A9, clubnokia, music, rock, musicians, musica

 Title:Selena Gomez Popular

 Description:a fan made this thought i would post it here

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