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 Title:A Hard Day's Night

 Description:The film was intended as a quick cash-in on what the producer, Walter Shenson, no doubt thought was the quick, no doubt, temporary, fame of The Beatles. But thanks to Alun Owen's screenplay and a great cast (including the stars, particularly Ringo Starr), he accidentally produced a classic. ...

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 Title:The beatles - Hey jude

 Description:Hey jude by the Beatles

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 Title:The Beatles: Rock Band More Songs Revealed Trailer

 Description:Harmonix reveals more classic songs coming to The Beatles Rock Band. Quite possibly the greatest videogame ever, maybe even bigger than God?!?...

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 Title:The Beatles - Twist and Shout

 Description:The Beatles singing "Twist and Shout" My first upload.

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 Title:The beatles - Don't let me down

 Description:super padre

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 Title:The beatles - She Loves You


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