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 Title:Radio Gaga clap

 Description:Ali demonstrating the clapping technique used by 80,000 people in Wembley at Live Aid in 1985 during Queen's performance of Radio Gaga.

 Tags:radiogaga, queen, liveaid, wembley, 1985

 Title:Muse Starlight

 Description:Muse Wembley 11th Sept 2010

 Tags:muse, wembley, 11th, sept, 2010

 Title:AC/DC Thunderstruck

 Description:AC/DC Thunderstruck

 Tags:acdc, wembley, stadium, 2009, june, rock

 Title:Beyonc? - Be With You (Live at Wembley)

 Description:One of my favorites from Dangerously In Love album. Nice performance live at Wembley (London)....

 Tags:Beyoncé, With, You, Wembley