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 Tags:bike, polo

 Title:In da Club

 Description:Good music I dance! Song: The Big Fake

 Tags:biketravel, asia, easternasia, china, night, videos

 Title:Bike polo ? la caserne Niel

 Description:Partie de bike polo à la caserne Niel avec la team "Bordeaux Fixed Gear" (Contact :

 Tags:bordeaux, bike, polo, cycling, bicycling, bicycle

 Title:BMX Freestyler: The creative Tim Knoll

 Description:This is freestyle BMX : creative tricks & good level ! Tim Knoll rocks !...

 Tags:Extreme, sports, bike, BMX, Tim, Knoll

 Title:BMX : Best of Vans Kill the line

 Description:Here is a best of about the Vans Kill The Line 2011 ! The Diggest dropped off this rad new edit from the Vans Kill The Line contest that went down in Peynier, France this past we...

 Tags:Extrême, freeriding, Bike, bmx, Event, Kill The Line