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 Title:Luxor dancer

 Description:I didn't get a good shot of her face, but she was pretty cute.

 Tags:lasvegas, nevada, gogodancer, casino

 Title:doraemon dance

 Description:This video is a small clip from the Doraemon Friendship Day,,,,

 Tags:dance, doraemon, friends, cute, kawaii

 Title:Hip Hop Dance Master Class Sotogrande 2010, by CPKG

 Description:Master Class Hip hop in Sotogrande for Russian students visiting Sotogrande, Spain, choreography Cyril (me, CPKG) Marbella, &

 Tags:hiphop, choreography, dance, danza, danse, bale

 Title:Headhunterz - The Sacrifice (De Q-Dance Feestfabriek)

 Description:Headhunterz - The Sacrifice (De Q-Dance Feestfabriek)

 Tags:qdance, hardstyle, headhunterz, amsterdam, laser, feestfabriek

 Title:Break dance

 Description:Berlin , center

 Tags:berlin, germany, streetphoto, video, breakdance

 Title:Bootykush - Sexy booty shaking girl from bootykush

 Description:Girl shaking her booty for the webcam! sexy booty shaking girl, more can be seen at

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