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 Title:Eminem and Jimmy Kimmel play basketball!

 Description:Eminem and Jimmy Kimmel play basketball!

 Tags:eminem, is, my, idol

 Title:Excel Saga - Criminal

 Description:Anime music video, Videosource - Excel Saga, music by Eminem - Criminal. Absolutely mad.

 Tags:anime, Excel Saga, excel, Eminem, watch movies online

 Title:AMV-Bleach-Just Lose It-Eminem

 Description:Anime Music Video Anime: Bleach Song: Just Lose It by Eminem I do not take any ownership of the song or anime seires, the content in the video has only been edited by me

 Tags:amv anime eminem funny, anime videos, anime video

 Title:Love The Way You Lie (Jake Coco Cover) Eminem

 Description:Love The Way You Lie (Jake Coco Acoustic Cover) - Eminem (ft. Rihanna). You can download the cover for free (MP3) here: . If you like it or purchase my original songs on iTunes by searching "Jake Coco"

 Tags:Eminem, Rihanna, "love, way, you, watch movies online

 Title:EMINEM - 3AM

 Description:Eminem - 3am

 Tags:eminem, 3am

 Title:Eminem - Beautiful from shortyskirts

 Description:Eminem - Beautiful, Eminem - Beautiful, Eminem - Beautiful, beautiful

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