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 Title:UVERworld - Gekidou (Fanmade)

 Description:A college project i had to do and i wanted to surpise people. I do not own this music (etc,etc,etc)

 Tags:UVERworld, gekidou, fanmade, anime videos, anime video

 Title:Dissidia Final Fantasy Replay - Bartz

 Description:my replay in Story Mode. Sorry for the low quality -.-

 Tags:dissidiafinalfantasy, final, fantasy, games, square, replay

 Title:Storm --- Final Fantasy amv

 Description:READ FIRST PLEASE!!!!! My first amv! Okay I dont know why but its not showing all the video :(((!!! if you want to see the whole video (which you do) go to this site! Then after you see it there commet on here! and there if you want to. Thanks a bunch!

 Tags:final, fantasy, 13, 12, advent, children

 Title:Dna² Episodio 01 - Explodub Fandub

 Description:Segunda dublagem do Grupo Explosion. Feita junto com o episodio 04 de Naruto e o primeiro episodio de Tenjou Tenge, em 2004.

 Tags:dna2, dna², fandub, episodio 01, watch movies online

 Title:Placebo By McYavell - 091106m

 Description:Placebo au D?me (Marseille), le 6 novembre 2009. Special K.

 Tags:marseille, 06112009, led%C3%B4me, placebo, brianmolko, stefanolsdal

 Title:Animales - Hi5 Cinco Sentidos Discovery Kids Hi-5

 Description:Video Musical Infantil Animales Hi5 Cinco Sentidos Hi-5 Crestomatía: Discovery Kids

 Tags:cinco sentidos, video musical, infantil, hi5, hi-5, discovery kids