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 Title:OPRAH QUITS TALK SHOW 9/11! from Big Game Hunters

 Description:Every woman's worst nightmare comes true in September 2011

 Tags:oprah quits talk show, end of oprah, oprah series finale, oprah september 2011, funny oprah video, big game hunters sketch comedy

 Title:@Dormtainment - Twin babies having a conversation Funny from Dormtainment's @DJMike3G and @CDiddy77 do a voice over to two babies talking in the kitchen. One is Jamaican and one is a Red Neck. Cute babies talking to each other very funny Creative.College.Comedy Twitter @Dormtainment

 Tags:baby, talk, dormtainment, funny

 Title:Europe 2005 - internet maps lead to down road that hasn't been constructed yet

 Description:So the plan for this day was to drive from Bamberg to Neuschwanstein, coming down the southwest edge of Germany into the Alps. This is a drive of roughly 350-400 km or 200-250 miles, depending on the route. If memory serves, we decided on a route something like this, mainly because we'd alrea...

 Tags:de, germany, deutschland, 2005, video, funny

 Title:Don't Call Me Dick - Episode 4 - Kanye vs 50 cent from Don't Call Me Dick!

 Description:So i heard that 50 cent was calling Kanye out on his VMA stunt. Check out this insider video to see what happened off camera.

 Tags:Kanye, 50 Cent, VMA, fight, funny, comedy

 Title:Trick Shot WIN from failblog

 Description:Soccer trick shot, for the win! Thanks to: For more WIN visit

 Tags:Trick Shot WIN, fails, failblog, funny, wtf

 Title:Las nubes no se mueven

 Description:No logré decidirme por una foto, así que hice un video. Con cariño para mi primo Pancho que ahora estudia Derecho y es seco :). La voz de fondo es mía. Me duele la cabeza y tengo fiebre y tos.

 Tags:primo, pancho, owned, own3d, lol, funny