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 Title:Zpu con Nach - Noches en bcn

 Description:Zpu con nach - noches en bcn

 Tags:Zpu, nach, hip hop español

 Title:Nas - Nas is Like

Freedom or jail, clips inserted, a baby's bein born
Same time my man is murdered, the beginning and end

 Tags:nas, hip hop

 Title:T-Pain Feat Akon - Bartender

 Description:T-Pain Feat Akon : Bartender (2007)

 Tags:t-pain, akon, hip hop

 Title:T.I. - Big Things Poppin [do it]


T.I ur the king

 Tags:t.i., hip hop

 Title:R Kelly Ft T.I. & T-Pain - I'm A Flirt

 Description:esta bueno como to do de r kelly

 Tags:r kelly, t-pain, hip hop

 Title:House of Pain - Jump Around

 Description:House of Pain was an Irish-styled American hip-hop group who released three albums in the early to mid 90's before lead rapper Everlast decided to pursue his solo career again. The group is best known for its 1992 hit single "Jump Around".

 Tags:hip hop, House of pain