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 Title:Gato rapero

 Description:Este es uno de esos vídeos WTF, corto y sin explicación aparente. Lo mejor es dejarse llevar y no hacerse preguntas. (Gracias Franko)

 Tags:wtf, gato, rap, hip-hop, animal, friki

 Title:The Hip-Hop Years

 Description:A great documentary that documents the definitive story of Hip Hop, rising from the streets of the Bronx to become "the new Rock'n'Roll." The programme combines archive clips and performance from TV, movies and music videos with specially shot material and interviews with key player...

 Tags:hip-hop, documentary, history, music, watch movies online

 Title:Untouchable - Tupac

 Description:self explained in the title.... CREATED BY PRAYLU PRODUCTIONS

 Tags:tupac shakur, tupac, 2 pac, untouchable, Rap, hip-hop

 Title:Baby Bash ft. T-Pain - Cyclone

 Description:Can you girls move your body like A cyclone? I can pretty easly!

 Tags:Baby Bash, T-Pain, Hip-Hop

 Title:Dubstep guns

 Description:Dupstep guns battle...

 Tags:Dubstep, gun, guns, music, techno, hip-hop

 Title:Sailor Moon : The Hip-Hop Crew @ Paris Dance Delight

 Description:6 girls, 3 minutes. Will they impress the judges, the public and you ? In Paris Dance Delight 2010, the 4th edition of this hip-hop contest. http://www.juste-debout.comD...

 Tags:Dance, hiphop, hip-hop, hip hop, crew, competition