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 Title:Hip Hop Dance Master Class Sotogrande 2010, by CPKG

 Description:Master Class Hip hop in Sotogrande for Russian students visiting Sotogrande, Spain, choreography Cyril (me, CPKG) Marbella, &

 Tags:hiphop, choreography, dance, danza, danse, bale

 Title:Entrenamiento Ab Sculpt

 Description:HipHop ABS Ab Sculp

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 Title:Hip-Hop Class

 Description:This is the tail-end of my daughter's hip-hop recital routine (she's in a ponytail and dark shirt & shorts). They're practicing their routine as other dance classes watch. (May 12, 2011; High-def video, 1080p)

 Tags:hiphopclass, hiphop, dancing, video, janettwokay, janet2k

 Title:sweet dreams AT (cartoon version) from kin_gsley

 Description: SWEET DREAMS AT ( CARTOON VERSION ) Album of the the year,Album of the century- **The Invisibl Man** Artist King-sley Produced by King-sley Please Get your copy Album available on all digital stores from 20th april

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 Title:Delinquent Habits - Tres Delinquentes-

 Description:Crew hip hop formé en 1996. Le trio se compose de Kemo, Ives et DJ O.G. Styles. La particularité de Delinquent Habits est de distiller un hip hop aux effluves latino. En effet, sur leur flow...

 Tags:Latino, Playlist, clip, hiphop, rap, street

 Title:Sailor Moon : The Hip-Hop Crew @ Paris Dance Delight

 Description:6 girls, 3 minutes. Will they impress the judges, the public and you ? In Paris Dance Delight 2010, the 4th edition of this hip-hop contest. http://www.juste-debout.comD...

 Tags:Dance, hiphop, hip-hop, hip hop, crew, competition