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 Title:Lady Gaga

 Description:Lady Gaga @ HoB

 Tags:ladygaga, concert, hob

 Title:Chobits 5: Chii finds

 Description:Hideki's first academic hurdle comes in the form of an impending mock test. This spurs some serious studying, hindered only by the lack of a Japanese-English dictionary. With the help of a visit to the bookstore Hideki gets rather sidetracked and decides to teach Chi to read, using a picture b...

 Tags:anime, chobits

 Title:Chobits 4: Chi Goes on Errands

 Description:Hideki's a decent guy overall and realises it's a bit perverted to have his girl persocom running around the place with no underwear. Unfortunately, inexperienced as Hideki is, buying female undergarments holds a great source of embarrassment for him. Hearing about the dilemma Shinbo offers Su...

 Tags:chobits, anime

 Title:Chobits 3: Chi learns

 Description:Things start to look a little better for Hideki as he tries to teach Chi some words and expressions. Although he’s in need of a job, Hideki gets to start cram school today, and it turns out he’s got a very attractive teacher, Ms. Shimizu. After making the rounds for job hunting, Hideki man...

 Tags:chobits, anime

 Title:Chobits 1: Chi Awakens

 Description:chobits 1

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