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 Title:El traga-cenizas

 Description:Aquí tenemos al protagonista del video tonto de la semana y a su lado un cenicero lleno de colillas y ceniza. El reto, fruto de alguna apuesta perdida está claro: Tragarse toda la ceniza. Absténganse de verlo estómagos sensibles! (Gracias Franko)

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 Title:Best of Jackass and CKY from flavinhogti

 Description:Best of Jackass and CKY

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 Title:Jackass 2 the brand spanish version from sam1991

 Description:Jackass Desterra2 actors recording the scene of the Brand of Jackass Number Two I hope you enjoy it here you can see the movie of Desterra2 the boy who was branded is Samuel Pascual Flores

 Tags:jackass, bam margera, desterra2, cky, desterra2k

 Title:Penguin Fight

 Description:Two jackass penguins fighting. Named for their donkey-like cries, they are often called African penguins as well. These two males were fighting over a female, who walks in almost like a referee to break up the fight. Just a few seconds later the loser picks a fight again, but the video cuts ou...

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 Title:Face, Meet Water

 Description:Face, Meet Water

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