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 Title:Katy Perry - Firework (LITERAL VERSION) from teller91

 Description:This is a literal translation of what is happening in the video! Original lyrics by Tiffany Eller (Be gentle, I'm not a singer)

 Tags:katy, perry, literal, music, video, firework

 Title:Oasis - Wonder Wall - Literal Video Version from UncleBeau

 Description:You've seen literal videos before right? This should be the first ever to actually rhyme along with the original track. We've taken Wonder Wall by Oasis because, well........we don't care for oasis very much. As usual, just like everything else we do that involves other copyrighted material, t...

 Tags:Oasis, wonder, wall, literal, video, version

 Title:El Tano Pasman with subtitles in English (as literal as possible)

 Description:Watch shows from The WB, NBC and Comedy Central including Family Guy, Simpsons, Friends, and The Daily Show. Web comedy from National Lampoon, Atom, My Damn Channel, Jib Jab and more!...

 Tags:Tano, Pasman, with, subtitles, English, literal