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 Title:Michael Jackson This Is It announcement

 Description:Michael Jackson at the O2 in March 2009, announcing the This Is It tour that was never to happen. Didn't even realise I had this (I don't usually film when I'm at stuff like that). Very sad. But glad I have it.

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 Title:Remember the Time

 Description:Video de Michael Jackson de la canci?n "Remember the Time" donde lo acmpa?an la modelo Iman, el actor Eddie Murphy y el ex-basquetbolista Magic Johnson.

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 Title:Smooth Criminal Michael Jackson

 Description:Smooth Criminal Michael Jackson

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 Title:"They Don't Care About Us" -- Michael Jackson

 Description:My fav MJ song (this song is BAD & Rad!), plus, some (not all) of the lyrics to MJ's, "Money." The song at the end is "Easy Money," by King Crimson. They Don't Care About Us was released in April 1996. Filming in Brazil began February 11, 1996. ...

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 Title:Michael Jackson Billie Jean

 Description:Michael Jackson Billie Jean

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