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 Title:Selena Gomez Popular

 Description:a fan made this thought i would post it here

 Tags:selenagomez, popular, musicvideo, wizardsofwaverlyplace

 Title:INNA feat Bob Taylor - Deja Vu

 Description:For more photos, videos and info please visit

 Tags:inna, innavideo, innamusic, innadejavu, dejavu, musicvideo

 Title:50 Cent - Get Up

 Description:I listened this song on MTV hip hop , so i upload this video for everybody , LOL :D


 Title:Robyn : Dancing on my own

 Description:Justin: "That's so meta." Recording Justin's Incredible playing Robin's Dancing on my Own video, with my Incredible, on our drive to Cape Cod.

 Tags:robyn, dancingonmyown, htc, incredible, driving, musicvideo