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 Title:Nirvana - Plateau - unplugged by Pauline

 Description:Pauline singing "Plateau" as performed by Nirvana and the Meat Puppets. Video: dou_ble_you; 19/02/11.

 Tags:paulined, doubleyou, video, newforest, nirvana, meatpuppets

 Title:Nirvana The Man Who Sold The World

 Description:Nirvana The Man Who Sold The World

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 Description:view it large on black

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 Tags:keukalakeny, nirvana, august2010

 Title:Nirvana vs Rick Astley: Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up from TubularGoldmine

 Description:Somewhere Kurt Cobain is rolling over in his.... RICKROLL'D!

 Tags:Teen Spirit, Kurt Cobain, rickroll, rickrolled, Kurt Kobain, nirvana