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 Title:°C-ute - FOREVER LOVE

 Description:°C-ute - FOREVER LOVE

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 Title:Juliete MV

 Description:SHINee's new mv

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 Title:Selena Gomez Popular

 Description:a fan made this thought i would post it here

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 Title:John Cena vs Justin Bieber

 Description:Cena Fever Vs Bieber Fever. John Cena is The Champ, You Can't See Him, because he's John Cena, The Champ Is Here in the WWE & On The YouTube. Justin Bieber is the Pop Sensation, All The Girls Love Him, because he's cool & awesome with the popular version. Two Good Guys Of the C...

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 Description:WOOFIN' Girl presents. Daichi Miura Girl's Fever 2007 @ Studio Coast. O, Touch -covered from OmarionÂ? DMC

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 Title:Super Junior - Sorry Sorry

 Description:Super Junior - Sorry Sorry

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