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 Title:Radio Gaga clap

 Description:Ali demonstrating the clapping technique used by 80,000 people in Wembley at Live Aid in 1985 during Queen's performance of Radio Gaga.

 Tags:radiogaga, queen, liveaid, wembley, 1985


 Description:"suture up my future"

 Tags:queensofthestoneage, joshhomme, concert, duluth, 2007


 Description:"infinity" josh dedicated this song to the girl next to me because she's been to every fucking queens show on the tour. too awesome. and then he gave her a beer. and a cup of straight vodka. or water, i never found out.

 Tags:queensofthestoneage, winnipeg, concert, 2008

 Title:Videojuego musical

 Description:Nunca he jugado a esos videojuegos que van con instrumentos musicales. Debe molar bastante si, sobre todo tocando este temazo de Boston! (Gracias Franko)

 Tags:queen, juego, instrumentos, musical, videojuego, consola

 Title:queens of the stone age

 Description:in the fade , ambassador theatre , dublin.

 Tags:queensofthestoneage, ambassador, dublin

 Title:No One Knows by RF Horne

 Description:No One Knows by RF Horne, originally done by The Queens Of The Stone Age, is masterfully remade by RF's power, passion, tone, voice and energy.

 Tags:horne, no, one, queens, stone, power