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 Description:"suture up my future"

 Tags:queensofthestoneage, joshhomme, concert, duluth, 2007


 Description:"infinity" josh dedicated this song to the girl next to me because she's been to every fucking queens show on the tour. too awesome. and then he gave her a beer. and a cup of straight vodka. or water, i never found out.

 Tags:queensofthestoneage, winnipeg, concert, 2008

 Title:queens of the stone age

 Description:in the fade , ambassador theatre , dublin.

 Tags:queensofthestoneage, ambassador, dublin

 Title:No One Knows by RF Horne

 Description:No One Knows by RF Horne, originally done by The Queens Of The Stone Age, is masterfully remade by RF's power, passion, tone, voice and energy.

 Tags:horne, no, one, queens, stone, power

 Title:Go With The Flow _version pourrie_ Queens Of The Stone Age

 Description:Reprise acoustique (volontairement) pourrie de "Go With The Flow" des Queens Of The Stone Age Merci beaucoup au mec bourré du 1er rang qui assurait avec brio les choeurs (d'aill...

 Tags:Grum, Lee, Queens, Stone, Age, With

 Title:Queens of The Stone Age on why Reading & Leeds ROCK!

 Description:Queens of The Stone Age at Reading talk tell us why they love the festival....

 Tags:queens of the stone age, reading, leeds, festival, josh homme, rock