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 Title:CREPUSCULO -vampires will never hurt you

 Description:CREPUSCULO -vampires will never hurt you

 Tags:crepusculo, video, fotos, robertpattinson, lunanueva, mychemicalromance

 Title:Bad Romance Parody - Facebook Slave

 Description:Bad Romance parody

 Tags:bad romance, lady gaga, facebook slave, yuval binder, watch movies online


 Description:I'm sorry about my extremeley ugly high-key-face there in the beginning, but I have to make it because I'm really physically unable to sing high notes like that :) These 20 seconds are the last 20 seconds of the 25 minutes I spent playing and singing this song over and over again until I kne...

 Tags:sweden, mychemicalromance, idontloveyou, macbookpro, guitar, acoustic

 Title:Christopher Walken performs Lady Gaga's Bad Romance ( Walkens Talken Part 7) from DylanShelton

 Description:Dylan Shelton Impersonating Christopher walken reading lady gaga Bad Romance poker face response

 Tags:Lady Gaga, poker face, bad romance, chrstopher walken, dylan shelton, impression

 Title:My Chemical Romance - Vampire (live)

 Description:Excellent live de My Chemical Romance...

 Tags:chemical, romance, vampire, will, never, hurt

 Title:Midori no Hibi - (My Chemical Romance - I'm not Okay )

 Description:elle n'est pas de moi...

 Tags:midori, hibi, chemical, romance, not, okay