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 Title:Whitney Houston I Will Always Love You Live 2010 from CassandraHarwood

 Description:Slightly different to how you remember the bit is between about 3.40 and 4.50.

 Tags:Whitney Houston, live, song, singing, pop, i will always love you

 Title:Avril Lavigne

 Description:Avril Lavigne is signing an autograph

 Tags:avril, lavigne, music, singing, video, davidlettermanshow

 Title:Smooth Criminal Michael Jackson

 Description:Smooth Criminal Michael Jackson

 Tags:michael, jackson, smooth, criminal, me, singingmichaeljacksonsmoothcriminalmesinging

 Title:singing Take a Bow ~ Rihanna.

 Description:You look so dumb right now, standing outside my house... Rihanna ~ Take a bow.

 Tags:Rihanna, bow, singing, music, watch movies online

 Title:Fresh trapped Chile miners footage

 Description:A video has been released showing footage taken inside the mine in which 33 miners remain trapped underground. T...

 Tags:trapped, mine, miners, chile, underground, singing

 Title:Tarja Turunen "Until My Last Breath"

 Description:Tarja Turunen "Until My Last Breath"...

 Tags:Tarja, Turunen, beach, singing, white, water