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 Title:LA CUCARACHA by PITBULL & LADY GAGA from LaCucaracha

 Description:PURCHASE THE SONG ON ITUNES AT: A modernized comedic Reggaeton version of the well known Mexican folklore song "La Cucaracha", performed by comedic character spoofs of LADY GAGA (Kim MrKulic) and PITBU...

 Tags:Lady Gaga, Pit Bull, la cucaracha, comedy, sketch, latino

 Title:Nicki Minaj & Lil Kim Fight! (Spoof) Roman's Revenge from Del Harrison

 Description:CAT FIGHT: NICKI MINAJ & LIL KIM FINALLY GET IT IN. IT'S A BATTLE OF THE HIP HOP QUEENS. Del Harrison and Kareem Green present Another Sketch Comedy Show, featuring Nicky Sunshine, Del Harrison & Kareem Green

 Tags:Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, Del Harrison, Kareem Green, Hip Hop Beef, Sketch Comedy

 Title:Stand-up, sitting down: That Boyzone guy from Connor

 Description:This is me talking about that guy from Boyzone who died.

 Tags:comedy, stand, up, comic, sketch, canada

 Title:OPRAH QUITS TALK SHOW 9/11! from Big Game Hunters

 Description:Every woman's worst nightmare comes true in September 2011

 Tags:oprah quits talk show, end of oprah, oprah series finale, oprah september 2011, funny oprah video, big game hunters sketch comedy

 Title:Nintendo DSi browsing

 Description:Nintendo DSi browsing

 Tags:sketchin, nintendo, dsi

 Title:The Bear Gets a New Hat : The Bear, The Cloud, and God 004

 Description:The Bear shows off his new hat and learns a valuable lesson. For more go to or follow us on

 Tags:yeah, yeahs, bearcloudgod, sketch, upsettriangle, religion