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 Title:Nike Safari

 Description:Los nuevos zapatos de Cristiano Ronaldo

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 Title:Real Madrid Compilation

 Description:Some of the best and most important goals scored in the current and last season including a few flashbacks to earlier seasons as well. Tried to stick to Spanish commentators only, so muted some of the videos that had Polish commentary to make way for the music. Music: Requiem for a dream Ada...

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 Title:Before and After Video - MFC Champions

 Description:: : website : : facebook : : tumblr : : youtube : : Music By: Delinquent Habits - "Return of the Tres" Just a quick video I did of the process of this photo here [ C L I C K ]

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 Title:Ronaldinho Gaucho

 Description:The most amazing soccer player on earth.

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 Title:FOOT 2009 (REMI GAILLARD) from susangreen9999

 Description:Dangerously funny videos created and produced by Rémi GAILLARD.

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 Title:Drew Bernard's first soccer game:)

 Description:This is Drew Bernard discovering for the first time how much he loves the "beautiful game" called football (soccer if you are a dumb American like me). I wonder if he is a Liverpool fan (can't be a Man City fan).

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