singing at the united nations


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 Description: "Yare dabestani man" = "My school classmate and friend" The lyrics with English translation: Maa Zendeh Be Aaneem Keh Aaraam Nageereem Mojeem Keh Asoodegee-Y-E-Maa Adam-E-Maast We are alive by virtue of our restlessness We are like waves that die through calm Yar-E-Dabestaanee-Y-E-Man My old school chum Baa Man-O-Hamraah-E-Manee You are with me and along side me Choob-E-Alefe Barsar-E-Maa When the cane is weilded over our head Boghz-E-Man-O-Aah-E-Manee You cry and hurl with me Hak Shodeh Esm'e Man-O-Tow Engraved are the names of you and I Rooy-E-Een Takhteh Seeyaah On this black board Tark-E-Y-E-Beedaad-E-Setam The scars of the lashes of tyranny Maandeh Hanooz Roo Tan-E-Maa Have stayed on our bodies Dasht-E-Bee Farhang-E-Maa Our desolate and uncultugreen wilderness Harz-E Tamaam-E-Alafhaayash With all of its Shrubbery being but weeds. Khoob Ageh Khoob Bad Ahgeh Bad Be it good or bad Dast-E-Man-O Tow Baayad Een Pardeh Raa Paareh Konad My hands and your hands have to tear down this curtain Kee Be Joz Man-O-Tow Dard-E-Maaro Chaareh Konad Who other than me and you will find the cures to our ills Yaar-E-Dabestaanee-Y-E-Man.......... and the song on youtube:

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